Scotland’s Most Romantic Locations

Looking to impress or share a special memory with your loved one? Whisk your partner off on a trip to one of these beautifully locations, dramatic enough to eclipse even the fictional settings of the most dreamy romance novels.

Arthur’s Seat

The ancient volcano Arthur’s Seat looms over Edinburgh, sitting 251m above sea level. It’s sometimes mentioned as one of the (many) possible locations for Camelot, the legendary castle of its namesake King Arthur, and was described by author Robert Louise Stevenson as ‘a hill for magnitude, a mountain in virtue of its bold design’.

It’s a beloved site for both Edinburgh citizens and visitors alike, providing the perfect location for a relaxed Sunday walk or a challenge for hungover students. However, as a romantic location, it has to be visited for the dramatic sunrise, a time and setting recently featured in the sweeping drama One Day.

Talisker Beach

Located on the Isle of Skye, Talisker beach is still something of a hidden gem, with summer tourists  flocking instead to more challenging walks. However, after a drive across farm tracks from the village of Carbost, and a quick stroll across farm lanes and fields, Talisker beach comes into view and it’s more than worth the journey.

A small stretch of shingles and sand looks out west, perfectly framed by cliffs which half conceal dramatic waterfalls. It’s peaceful and is particularly dramatic at sunset, making it a perfect romantic spot. A couple in the know have even gotten married here, so take your beloved for a visit and enjoy Skye’s secret space of tranquility.

Eileen Donan Castle

One of the most recognised sights of Scotland, Eileen Donan castle in the Highlands has appeared on many calendars and shortbread tins. When visited, it’s not hard to see why it’s become such an important attraction – located on a small island where three lochs meet, it’s a truly magical fortress. Wildlife regularly surrounds the island, whilst porpoise, otters and dolphins make occasional appearances.

Many couples have visited this romantic castle, a steadfast symbol among the rolling hills and water. Should there be a particularly special upcoming event, weddings can even be arranged in the stunning banqueting hall of the castle.

The Falls of Bruar

A series of dramatic waterfalls measuring about 60 metres in height, the Falls of Bruar can be found in the wilds of Perthshire. They’re a striking combination of natural rock face and tumbling water, changing their appearance frequently with the seasons or the weather.

Romantic poet Robert Burns visited the location himself in 1787 and wrote a poem in tribute to the beautiful falls, as well as a appeal for the introduction of surrounding trees. The trees were planted shortly afterwards, and remain today to provide a peaceful canopy to visitors. Make a visit part of a romantic trip and enjoy the secluded majesty of the falls.

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