Scottish Tours

Scotland has a lot to offer, so when you first climb into your deluxe campervan, it can be hard to know where to start. Be inspired and ready before you begin your adventure and check out our list of popular Scottish tours. We’ve included Scotland’s 12 National Tourist Routes and the new North Coast 500 – with these options, you’re sure to find one (or a few) journey ideas to make the most of your adventure.

North Coast 500

Length: 500 miles, taking around 5 days on average. If you’re The Proclaimers, you could walk it but that would take a little longer.

The Journey: Starting and ending in Inverness, it takes in the best of the Highlands, from spooky castles to stunning beaches. Discover a detailed map here or check out the website for complete itineraries.

Fun Fact: Recently launched in March 2015, the North Coast 500 has been billed as ‘Scotland’s answer to Route 66’.

Angus Coastal Route

Length: 58 miles

The Journey: Starting in the bustling city of Dundee, this route peacefully stretches alongside the crashing waves of the North Sea and the stunning Grampian mountains to finally finish in busy Aberdeen.

Fun Fact: Keen golfers will like this one – there’s 30 golf courses within a half hour drive of Aberdeen and many close to Dundee too.

Argyll Coastal Route

Length: 149 miles

The Journey: It begins in the small town of Tarbet, on the east of Loch Lomond, traverses stunning viewpoints and lochs before finishing in Fort William, home of Ben Nevis and a popular destination for exciting outdoor sports.

Fun Fact: This trip stops at a famous viewpoint called Rest and Be Thankful, where an ancient road created during the Jacobite rebellion of the 1700s is still visible.

North and West Highlands Route

Length: 140 miles

The Journey: Go all the way to the northernmost point of the Scottish mainland with this trip, starting at Ullapool and traveling along the coast to John o’ Groats. The scenery is dramatic and varied, from cliff-lined coastlines to winding rivers.

Fun Fact: Ullapool is a popular tourist destination for its picturesque streets. In fact, it was voted one of the UK’s top 10 outdoor destinations by Outdoor Fitness magazine.

Moray Firth Route

Length: 80 miles

The Journey: Starting in Inverness, this trip goes all the way around the east coast to capture beautiful views of the valleys and rivers. There’s lots to see, making it perfect for the keen photographer.

Fun Fact: The Falls of Shin is a popular sight along this route. In the summer, explorers can expect to see salmon attempting to leap upstream as they migrate for the season.

Highland Tourist Route

Length: 116 miles

The Journey: This dramatic route takes in the majesty of the Highlands, starting in Aberdeen and finishing in Inverness. Expect the sites of old battlefields, huge mountains and photogenic landscapes.

Fun Fact: The Highlands is legendary for its whisky distilleries, with 38 bottles shipped overseas from Scotland every second. Perfect for a stop and a treat for the non-driving passenger!

Galloway Tourist Route

Length: 96 miles

The Journey: Starting in Gretna, where eloping couples have gone to get hitched for centuries, this trip travels all the way to Ayr, passing the poet Robert Burns’ birthplace. Even if there’s no wedding planned, it’s a romantic tour for couples!

Fun Fact: Robert Burns and his work has passed into legend, including the spooky tale of Tam o’ Shanter to the song heard globally at the end of each year – Auld Lang Syne.

Forth Valley Tourist Route

Length: 39 miles

The Journey: Discover the beauty of the Forth Valley as you travel from Edinburgh to Stirling. This trip passes plenty of attractions, from the Falkirk Wheel to Bo’ness railway and the historical site of the Battle of Bannockburn.

Fun Fact: Stirling was the location for the legendary Battle of Stirling Bridge, where William Wallace and his outnumbered army had an improbable victory against the invading English troops.

Fife Coastal Route

Length: 85 miles

The Journey: Starting in Kincardine, in the west coast of Fife, this route travels along the stunning coastline, pretty fishing villages and historic towns before finishing in Newport-on- Tay, just a small distance from the city of Dundee.

Fun Fact: Make a visit to Deep Sea World along the way, an exciting attraction that is perfect for all ages as you get close to creatures of the deep, from sharks and seals to eye-catching fish.

Deeside Tourist Route

Length: 107 miles

The Journey: Starting in Perth, Scotland’s ancient capital for five centuries, the trip traverses the UK’s highest main road to eventually reach Aberdeen. Get your camera ready for the stunningly dramatic Cairngorm mountains.

Fun Fact: On this regal tour, take a stop at Scone Palace, the seat of parliaments and the location for many coronations of Scottish kings, including Robert The Bruce and Macbeth.

Borders Historic Route

Length: 95 miles

The Journey: Beginning across the English border in Carlise, the route explores the rolling hills of the Scottish Border before finishing in Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh. Expect stunning countryside, stately homes and unique crafts.

Fun Fact: The Borders is known for its traditional ‘Common Ridings’ every summer, in which hundreds of people ride horses along the boundaries of each town in spectacular processions.

Clyde Valley Tourist Route

Length: 42 miles

The Journey: Enjoy this neat journey that starts in the small rural village of Abington and ends in the historic town of Hamilton. Experience beautiful landscapes and great tourist attractions, including the New Lanark World Heritage Site.

Fun Fact: This route passed the Falls of Clyde – dramatic waterfalls surrounded by scenic woodland walks. Take a stroll – you may see some peregrine falcons or adorable otters!

Perthshire Tourist Route

Length: 45 miles

The Journey: Travel through Perth, the heart of Scotland, with this route that begins north of Dunblaine and ends near Pitlochry. Starting with farmland, it soon begins to move into the rugged landscape of the northern regions.

Fun Fact: Calling all chocoholics! This trip passes The Highland Chocolatier, Scotland’s most awarded chocolatier and a specialist in delicious Belgian truffles.